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At the office of Franklin N. DeWester, Attorney at Law, when we say that we are a full service Elder Law firm, we mean it. For over two decades we have been serving the elderly and other individuals in need of estate planning and other legal services in the Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana metro areas.

Elder law encompasses probate, estates, guardianships, wills, trusts, estate planning and medicare and medicaid planning, including the preparation of powers of attorney, living wills, and health care powers of attorney and appointment of health care representatives.

Mr. DeWester has a broad range of legal experience. He spent several years practicing part-time in the public defenders' office while maintaining a general private practice in the areas of criminal defense, litigation, bankruptcy, personal injury-plaintiff, divorce and family law, guardianships, probate, estate planning, medicare and medicaid planning, and real estate, while gradually shifting his emphasis towards elder law.


Most of our clients are elderly couples. However, many younger couples recognize the need to plan ahead. To accommodate the needs of our diverse clients, we provide many estate planning and related services for clients of all ages, young and old. We are very concerned about the health and legal well being of our clients and are dedicated to taking the steps necessary to ensure that your rights and assests are preserved regardless of your ability to communicate your wishes.

Not Just an Indiana Elder Law Lawyer

Though he guides our firm in providing comprehensive representation in all matters of Elder Law and estate planning, Mr. DeWester also has a diverse background in professions outside of the law. At our office we know that sometimes older individuals need assistance with non-legal issues. For example, we find that our elderly clients frequently need a reputable contractor. Other lawyers may say, "That isn't my job." But we think it is our job. We look at the whole picture. We provide our clients with resources and want to protect them from unethical professionals. For example, we help our clients avoid home improvement scams, predatory lenders, and other unscrupulous dealers.

Exclusive List of Good and Honest Contractors

There are countless disreputable companies out there ready to take advantage of elderly people. We are dismayed when our clients come to us with horror stories about being cheated by fly by night contractors. To address this issue, we have developed and maintain a list of high quality and honest contractors exclusively for the use of our clients. Our firm also follows up to ensure that the quality of the listed service and satisfaction of the client remains high.

Types of contractors:

Older persons frequently purchase pre-need funeral service contracts. To ensure high quality and reasonable cost we have a relationship with a funeral service provider who specializes in providing low-cost, high quality funeral services to our clients.

Contact Us

Contact an Indiana Elder Law lawyer that keeps your best interests in mind. We offer a free initial telephone consultation in order for you to explore your options.

Senior citizens often have difficulty getting out and driving in bad weather and mobility is often restricted for health or access reasons.  If you can't get to our office, we will come to you.

Attorney DeWester routinely visits clients in Marion, Johnson, Brown, Morgan, and Monroe and will make house calls throughout central Indiana.